the public supercomputer

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supercomputer access

without the super costs

Access the biggest supercomputer in the world for a fraction of the cost of solutions such as AWS.

everybody can profit

get value from your computing resources even when you don’t use them

Your PC can make you a profit 24/7.
Payments are totally frictionless.

safe & secure

using cutting edge virtualization technology

Cutting-edge virtualization technology ensures the safety of your data.


decentralized peer-to-peer network

Just like Bitcoin, the network is completely decentralized.
Users will never be taken down by a central point of failure.

How It Works

Find Each Other

1. A Publisher announces his need for worker nodes on the blockchain.

2. A Provider in search of employment looks for these announcements on the blockchain.

Shake On It

3. When a matching announcement is found, the Provider and Publisher negotiate a contract.

4 + 5. The Publisher places an initial fund in the Provider's account and locks it. The publisher will place additional funds in the account in accordance with the work done.

Start Working

6. The Provider creates a Virtual Machine on his device.

7. The Publisher gets control over the VM from the Provider. He can then frequently check the progess, and terminate the connection at will.

In The Press

"New Zennet HPC Cloud to be Free-Market Alternative to AWS"

"Zennet has the potential to drastically reduce the cost of computational power"

"Zennet wants your machines for tradable supercomputer cloud"

"Zennet decentralized cloud network releases details of zens presale"

"Free Market HPC Cloud In Development"

"Zennet decentralized cloud network releases details of zens presale"

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